Load Restraint Documentation

Load Restraint Guidelines

Load Restraint Guidelines (LRGs) provide guidance for the safe transportation of British Steel products, and are engineered and tested to EN 12195-1 standards.

Load Restraint Guidelines Issue Driver Sheet
LRG-0002 Non-bundled sections using chains 2  
LRG-0003 Non-bundled sections using webbing 2  
LRG-0006 Square billets & blooms 1  
LRG-0014 Multi-product loads 1  
LRG-0016 Bundled sections using chains 1  
LRG-0017 Bundled sections using webbing straps 1  
LRG-0020 Rail 1  
LRG-0027 Crane rail 1  
LRG-0028 Bundled billets 1  
LRG-0029 Bullhead rail 1  
LRG-0033 Slab 1  
LRG-0034 Blooms 3  
LRG-0035 Grouser bars 1  
LRG-0036 Billets & blooms using chains 1  
LRG-0039 Scrap rail 1  
LRG-0042 Bulb flats 1  

LRG-0101 Wire rod in coil (Issue 1) 2023


Flatbed Loads

Curtainsider Loads

Intermodal Loads

Technical Advice Documents

Technical Advice Documents (TADs) are either site-specific, product-specific, equipment-specific or route-specific – and must not be used outside their intended use.

Technical Advice Documents Issue
TAD-0021 Winter weather guidance - Non banded sections 1
TAD-0044 Sections loaded to headboards 1
TAD-0045 Base timber retrieval 1
TAD-0117 FN Steel billets 1
TAD-0127 Steel railway sleepers 1
TAD-0128 Italy slab loads 1
TAD-0129 AV Dawson port movements (sections) 1
TAD-0130 Narrow slab 1
TAD-0134 Long Products 6m rule guidance 1

Technical Information Sheets

Technical Information Sheets (TISs) show the minimum standard of equipment to be used on British Steel sites for any load restraint activity.

Technical Information Sheets Issue
TIS-0001 Belly-wrapping 2
TIS-0002 Timber dunnage 2
TIS-0003 Webbing straps & tensioners 1
TIS-0004 Chains and tensioners 4
TIS-0005 Edge protection 1
TIS-0006 Well boards for well trailers 1
TIS-0007 Controlling vertical gaps in loads 2
TIS-0008 Anti-slip matting 1
TIS-0009 Lashing points 1
TIS-0010 Trailer headboards 1
TIS-0011 Side pins and deck stanchions 1
TIS-0012 Axle loads and weight distribution 1
TIS-0013 Incident checklist 1