Our values

Our steel workers living the company values.

We already live by three core values – pride, passion and performance.

We’re proud of our heritage, our products and our people. We’re passionate about helping our customers succeed, making our business sustainable, protecting our communities and developing our people. And we’re driven to achieve our best performance… production excellence, productive environments, profitable outputs. 

We're focused on making products and providing services that enable our customers to deliver performance-driven success.

Our brand promise

We want to work with our customers to fully know, understand and meet their needs.

We want to build loyalty in the British Steel brand by being our customers’ first choice supplier, the one they trust, every time.

We'll do this by:

  • Being agile and easy to do business with – this means being responsive, adaptable, competitive and proactive
  • Strengthening existing relationships and creating new relationships – this means being trustworthy, friendly and engaging
  • Working together to drive improvements – with enthusiasm and effectiveness that accelerates product and service development
  • Doing what we say we'll do – this means being reliable and honest

With many recent changes across our business, now is a time to reinvigorate our relationships. We'll show everyone that we mean business, that we're here to stay and that by working with our company – British Steel –  we can all be sure of a stronger future.