Metro lines

Reliable rails for high-density passenger transport through our twisting and rapidly-evolving cities.

Metro rail connects commuters with their workplaces and people with their pastimes, allowing increasingly automated people-moving under, over and through our changing cityscapes with minimised environmental impacts. 

Urban transport Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) with its high density operations and low vehicle headway requires reliable and predictable rail performance to deliver the reliable operations required to keep city transport flowing. 

Metro systems are typically characterised by lighter axle loads than their mainline counterparts. However, they generally comprise larger proportions of tighter radius curves, more frequent stations, and a higher traffic density. This combination of track and traffic attributes places challenging demands at the wheel-rail interface.

Issues commonly found in metro systems include rail wear, corrugation, rolling contact fatigue and plastic flow. 

Our products and services for metro rail networks include: