Hard-wearing rails for the harshest of heavy-haul demands.

Freight railways offer exceptionally efficient transport of large bulk materials and goods hauled over long distances with minimised environmental impact.

From production to port, distribution or intermodal facilities - freight railways provide low cost, low impact transport for materials and products.

To resist the high loads, high-strength rails are often required for freight tracks subject to extreme wear and stresses. These tracks include those used by trains with very high axle loads (25-35 tonnes) and those with high annual gross tonnage. Many heavy-haul rail operators have recognised the need to introduce high performing rails to deliver longer life with reduced maintenance and a lower life-cycle cost. 

Freight railways are usually characterised by heavy axle loads (25-35+ tonnes) and/or high annual traffic tonnage.

Common track issues include rail wear, plastic deformation and rolling contact fatigue.

Our products and services for heavy-duty railroads include: