Find out how to apply for a donation

Local charities and non-profit community organisations are eligible to apply for financial or in-kind donations of support up to a maximum of £2,000. To be considered for support applications must be aligned to the three key focus areas of our programme - learning and skills, health, safety and wellbeing, and protecting and enhancing the environment.

Applications are reviewed and assessed by our Community Liaison Manager in consultation with trade union colleagues and other relevant internal and external stakeholders. In Scunthorpe and Teesside, applications are reviewed by our community steering groups.

We would advise potential applicants to read our Building Stronger Communities strategy before submitting their request. Applicants should provide a detailed breakdown in their request of how a financial contribution would be spent and may be asked to provide further information and quotations before an offer of support can be considered. 

The closing date for the next round of applications is 24 May, 2019. 

Landfill Communities Funding

We are a landfill site operator in Scunthorpe and support the development of the local environment and community facilities through the Landfill Communities Funding programme. For more information about this scheme please visit Mondegreen.

Find out more about how we've supported our communities through our Landfill Communities Funding scheme by clicking here.