Wire rod helps keep railways safe

Wire rod is used to manufacture rail clips. Rail clip image courtesy of Pandrol
Wire rod is used to manufacture rail clips. Rail clip image courtesy of Pandrol

Our high-quality wire rod ends up in a vast array of demanding applications, but rail clips is one few know about.

We manufacture a wide range of high-performance wire rod, from grades for tyre wire to high tensile bridge cables, but for this application, customer Pandrol uses spring wire. Pandrol, an international supplier to the rail sector, takes delivery of wire rod in coils, draws and processes the material before forming into rail clips at their plant in Worksop, UK. The rail clips then go on to fasten rails to rail supports around the world, so reliable performance is critical for ensuring safety on the rail networks.

Rachel Wood, Account Manager, Wire Rod, said: "Our dedicated technical and commercial account teams have been working closely with Pandrol to deliver a product suitable for this exacting and safety-critical application."

Pandrol supplies rail clips globally, using the latest advances and technology to deliver durable and safe rail fastening systems. Quality of products and services is at the heart of their ethos.

"For both us and Pandrol, quality and service are paramount," said Rachel. "Good relationships are key. By extending the expertise of our technical team and global sales team to Pandrol, we've been able to understand their processing and end application requirements, tailoring our steel grade to meet their needs."

Wondering how rail clips are made? It's an astonishing process, which you can watch in Pandrol's film below.



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