Hinkley Point C

The first new nuclear power station to be built in the UK in over 20 years is being constructed using bespoke British Steel structural sections..

Based in Somerset, Hinkley Point C will provide low-carbon electricity for around 6 million homes, create thousands of jobs and bring lasting benefits to the UK economy, which will be key in helping Britain reach the target of net zero carbon emissions.

Costing between £22 billion and £23 billion, the start of electricity generation from Unit 1 is expected in 2026 and will remain operational for 60 years. Hinkley Point A ceased producing electricity in 2000, while Hinkley Point B will be decommissioned no later than July 2022 due to its age.

With a long heritage of global nuclear projects, William Hare is delivering the steel work for the new power station’s main control room, the turbine halls and the secondary steel work.

British Steel secured an order from William Hare for the supply of the turbine halls after 18 months of close dialogue, which involved hours of technical and commercial discussions.

Turbine halls are complex and critical nuclear applications, but through the skills of the team, British Steel managed to construct and present a workable technical application, which was accepted.

The construction of the turbine hall will include 3,100 tonnes of mainly bespoke British Steel structural sections, which will be supplied from its Teesside Beam Mill.