Bombardier Service Centre

The largest cantilever roofed hangar to be built in the UK for more than 50 years has been achieved using structural sections supplied by British Steel.

Dorset-based structural steel firm John Reid & Sons Ltd (REIDsteel) and design and build specialist Civils Contracting Ltd (Civils) built the Bombardier Service Centre at Biggin Hill in London with products sourced from British Steel.

REIDsteel has a strong history at London Biggin Hill with more than half of its hangars having been built by the company. This however, was the most technically challenging to date.

With a 165m long central core supporting two 45m cantilever roofs, it is the largest and most advanced dual cantilever hangar in the UK.

As well as a state-of-the-art hangar, the development includes a workshop, office space and 650,000 sq ft of apron area and surrounds.

REIDsteel provided the conceptual and detailed design for the project, as well as the fabrication and erection of the steel frame and the full building envelope including cladding, windows, doors, decking and vents.

In September 2022, the hangar won a Structural Steel Design Award (SSDA), achieving the highest of the 3 honours that were available.

REIDsteel has a host of industry and business accolades to their name, but this was the first time the firm had won the prestigious SSDA award and was one of just 5 finalists to achieve the top prize.

British Steel manufactured and supplied 1,200 tonnes of universal beams, universal columns and parallel flange channels to REIDsteel for the development.