Belize Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A landmark new government building located over 5,000 miles away has been constructed using structural sections supplied by British Steel.

Located in Belmopan, the capital city of Belize, our sections were used to construct the Government of Belize’s new headquarters for its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Immigration.

The 25,000 square foot building is 2 storeys high and has been built using a combination of concrete and steel and is completed with beautiful landscaping surrounding the building.

The offices were specifically designed to be earthquake and hurricane proof, giving them extra protection from the extreme weather that can hit Central America.

Called the Leigh Richardson building, it is named in honour of Leigh Isiah Richardson, a late Belizean nationalist who was one of the first Belizeans to represent the country in international affairs abroad.

Belize's new ministry building was constructed using British Steel sections

British Steel supplied the sections to structural steel firm John Reid & Sons Ltd (REIDsteel), who also supplied cladding and glazing for the project, shipping them 5,000 miles to Belmopan where the project was assembled by International Environments Limited.

It is not the first project REIDsteel has produced in Belize using British Steel sections, with the Belize Civic Center Sports Complex.