Belize Civic Center Sports Complex

As the largest city and the principle port of Belize (central America), Belize city continually invests in infrastructure improvements to serve the wider community. We supplied 500 tonnes of structural sections to contribute to 1 of the biggest developments – a £12 million pound project for the Belize Civic Center Sports Complex.

In November 2015, the Government of Belize issued the Belize Civic Center Sports Complex project through Belize Infrastructure Limited.

The aim of the new development was to completely transform cultural life, providing public access to a wide range of exciting facilities, including volleyball and basketball courts, a gym plaza, a skateboard park, 2 x 50 metre running tracks and a 5 on 5 football field.

With an interior height designed to accommodate volleyball competitions (36 feet), the court is large enough to host 3 indoor practice courts.

The sports complex has been constructed on approximately 3.4 acres of land with the main building having an area of around 39,000 square feet.

With a modern and fresh design, the Belize complex includes bleachers that can seat 4,000 people during sporting events and 5,000 for general. In addition, there’s a helipad for emergency use and newer, faster transportation routes are provided by a water taxi on the river front.

Lisa Coulson, Marketing Manager for Construction, said: “The proportions of this particular building are impressive and it’s great that we’ve been able to contribute our structural sections to assist with the development.

“Working with REIDsteel, we’ve helped to create a structurally optimised steel frame with hot rolled sections galvanised to resist corrosion and minimise any maintenance costs.”

With a positive reaction all round, local residents celebrated the highly anticipated launch of the completed building.

Lisa said: “Our steel is serving the community in so many different ways. We’re contributing to iconic structures that are the core attraction for tourists, but also making a difference in the wider context, using our steel in industries such as healthcare and leisure.

“People will enjoy the Belize sports complex in many years to come and our structural sections played a part in making that happen.

“Working with REIDsteel has been a pleasure. We’re really proud to have been involved in the process and it's great to see the end result.”