Forklift Profiles

With over 40 years’ experience in producing forklift truck components, we offer a wide selection of special profiles, including mast, fork arm and carriage bar profiles. They are applied in everything from the smallest warehouse truck to the largest container handler.

Extensive range

We are a world-leading supplier of special profiles for the forklift truck industry. We offer a choice of profile shapes and sizes to meet the requirements of the smallest warehouse truck to the largest container handler. Our extensive range of steel profile products for the manufacture of mast assemblies includes:

  • Mast profiles – including U, I, J and offset J profiles             
  • Carriage (hanger) bar profiles
  • Flats for manufacturing fork arms

Bespoke profiles

Our product range for forklift trucks includes open roll profiles available to all customers. For mast and carriage bar profiles we also offer unique ‘bespoke profile’ designs where rolls and tooling are reserved for exclusive customer use.

Added value processing

Our approach is to supply 'ready to use' components to make fabrication and assembly easier. In our rolling mill, we manufacture mast profile ‘longbars’ hot sawn to a range of lengths. In addition we offer:

  • Cold sawing to finished mast lengths
  • Shot blasting to provide a cleaner and smoother surface

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