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Underground metro train pulling into platform

To select the appropriate rail profile for your requirements, please click on the category you are interested in from the table below. Our available rail profile downloads will be displayed, providing all key dimensions. 

Asymmetric rail profile


Thick rail profile

Thick web

Check rail profile


Piste rail profile


Conductor rail profile



Not found exactly what you're looking for? New and bespoke rail profiles will be considered based on minimum order quantities. CAD drawings may be available on request - please contact us to discuss your needs.

If you've taken the wrong track, you can take a diversion to find vignole and grooved rail dimensions.

Our rail products and grades can be matched precisely to track conditions, track types, environmental conditions and lots of other variables to ensure that every rail we deliver provides the best performance throughout its service life.

If you'd like further information, advice or availability, please contact us.

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Asymmetric rail

Asymmetric rail profile

50E6A1 (U59)

50E6A2 (U60)

54E1A1 (UIC54B, A69, Zu UIC54B)

54E1A3 (54 D20)

60E1A1 (A73, UIC60B, Zu 1-60)

60E1A5 (60 D40)

60E2A2 (Zu 60E2-40)


Thick web rail

Thick web rail profile

50E2T1 (63T, A63, EB63T)

54E1T1 (A65, UIC54A)

60E1T2 (A74, UIC60A)


Check rail

Check rail profile

33C1 (U69, UIC33, RL1-60)



Piste rail

Piste rail profile




Conductor rail

Conductor rail profile

65 Conductor

75 Conductor

T52 Conductor


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