Low Fatigue Switch Rails

Bainitic BLF360 switch blades have proven service in high speed switches for over 10 years
All movable point rails in the French TGV network are made from our Bainitic Low Fatigue (BLF360) grade rail.

Bainitic Low Fatigue switch rails offer the ultimate in rolling contact fatigue (RCF) resistance thanks to its unique microstructure.

Resisting rolling contact fatigue damage in extreme conditions such as high-speed switch and crossings, our Bainitic Low Fatigue steel rails are mandated for use in the high speed TGV routes in France, where it has proven performance for over 10 years.

The improved RCF performance provided by our low carbon, carbide-free BLF grades leads to lower life cycle costs through reduced maintenance requirements, especially under extreme traffic. Resisting fatigue crack growth Bainitic switch blades require less maintenance/inspection and repair leading to safer journeys, longer rail lives and greater route availability. The example images below show the rail performance on the same switch using standard and our BLF360 rail - The difference is clear to see - head checks / rolling contact fatigue was completely avoided when BLF360 rails were used. 

R260 grade switch rail with head checks / rolling contact fatigue cracking


BLF360 Bainitic Low Fatigue switch rail with no head checks / no rolling contact fatigue cracks


Our BLF360 grade (previously known as B360) is best suited to provide extreme contact fatigue resistance in critical track areas such as high speed moveable points (swing nose crossing) and  switchblades alike. Where the highest levels of contact fatigue resistance are required, our BLF grades deliver industry leading performance in both turnouts and also plain-line use. To find out more about their applications in plain-line use please see here


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