Special Rail

Piste and switch and crossing rail in Paris metro network.

Our wide rail product range includes many special rails to help our customers respond to their unique challenges, from electrical conductor rails, through to switch and crossing rail profiles.

With a range of over 100 profiles including many customer-specific sections, we use our world-class laboratory facilities to ensure quality is guaranteed.

We believe in working in close partnership with our customers, sharing our unrivalled rail and metallurgical knowledge. We work hard to understand every customer’s specific requirements.

Wide range

British Steel’s special rails include a large number of customer-specific rail profiles. We offer special rails for a broad range of applications throughout the rail industry.

Our special rails include:

  • Asymmetric switch and crossing rails
  • Check rails and customer/application-specific rail profiles
  • Electrical conductor rails

Switch and crossing rails

Forming a key part of operational networks, switches and crossings provide essential operational flexibility. Their construction requires high quality rail with accurate dimensional control. British Steel offers a broad range of switch and crossing rails including asymmetric and thick web rails.

Check rails and customer-specific profiles

British Steel offers a range of specific profiles developed to address particular customer needs. These profiles include check rails that ensure the safe guidance of wheels around tight curves and over switch and crossing layouts.

We also offer bullhead rail and piste rail. The availability of these sections illustrates our commitment to working together with customers to provide solutions to their needs.

Conductor rails

Electrical conductor rails provide traction current for electrical rail vehicles and are often used in metro applications. In addition to good dimensional control and surface quality, excellent electrical conductivity is an essential requirement. We have tailored our steel composition to ensure efficient delivery of electrical power to rail vehicles. Our steel conductor rails offer low resistance power transmission capability without the expense and complexity of other ground level power transmission solutions.

If you have a requirement that is not covered by our illustrated product range, we may still be able to assist you. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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