Sogenox for Steadfast Signalling

Sogenox stainless steel rails in railway tracks enabling reliable and safe track circuit signalling.

Our Sogenox® rail offers assured track circuit detection for reliable signal operation even in lightly trafficked tracks at full line speed

Track circuit signalling systems rely on conducting small signalling currents between the two rails via the train axles passing over them. With low or intermittent usage the surface of standard rails can become corroded and oxidised stopping this signal current flowing which impacts the operation of the signalling system. The integrated stainless steel crown on Sogenox rails provides robust electrical contact between train and track to ensure signals operate on time - every time. This elegant solution uses a stainless steel rail surface to avoid atmospheric oxidation of lightly trafficked tracks, cross-overs, passing loops and station termini. The stainless steel rail crown surface avoid issues of non-detection of trains improving signal reliability and avoiding delays.

Sogenox stainless steel rail crown from British Steel

The unique manufacturing process means that the rail crown has an integrated stainless steel surface created during manufacture. As the corrosion resistant surface layer is an integral part of the rail from manufacture it has many benefits in both installation and use over alternative options:

  • No in-track machining and welding is required - no people zig-zag welding stainless beads for hours on track 
  • No rough surface caused by weld beads on the rail crown resulting in noise and vibration
  • No extra speed limits - used up to 220km/h currently
  • No change in welding procedures (Aluminothermic or Flash-butt weld as normal) 
  • No surface welds to repair and maintain - Spalling of welded beads is common

Sogenox has proven performance for more than twenty years. It is used on 4 TGV routes, in Eurotunnel tracks, as well as other key locations on the SNCF network. 

Sogenox enables reliable track circuit signalling without the compromises in safety, time, quality and cost that alternative welding solutions require. It is available in all rail profiles including asymmetric switch (tongue) rails so protection for all tracks is possible including switches and crossings (S&C). 

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Sogenox rail from British Steel - A rail with a stainless steel crown to allow safe reliable operation of track circuit signalling


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