SilentTrack Noise Reduction

Silent track noise dampers installed in rail track.

Our innovative SilentTrack® noise reduction rail system significantly reduces noise generated by railway traffic.

By using advanced acoustic modelling techniques, SilentTrack can be optimised to deliver maximum effectiveness on any track configuration, using a variety of installation methods.

Rail noise reduction system

SilentTrack by British Steel is a ‘silent rail’ system that reduces noise generated by rails as train wheels pass over them. Independent measurements have shown that our patented SilentTrack system will give overall reductions in train pass-by noise of between 3dB(A) and 6dB(A). The system tackles noise at source and can be fitted to established infrastructures with minimal change to railway practice.

SilentTrack has been extensively installed onto tracks both in Europe and worldwide. More than 175km of track now benefit from the system. SilentTrack is recognised by many railway networks as an important method of complying with noise legislation and environmental planning regulations.


Our SilentTrack system has significant technical benefits over other solutions employed to reduce railway noise. These benefits include:

  • The ability to be 'tuned' to absorb vibrations specific to a particular track form
  • A multi-frequency response over the important acoustic range for rail noise
  • Noise reductions of 3-6dB(A), depending on track form and rolling stock
  • No maintenance requirement and no effect on other elements of the rail infrastructure
  • The same life as the rail itself
  • No interference with other track maintenance activities e.g. tamping
  • Visually unobtrusive – eliminating or reducing the need for acoustic barriers

How it works

SilentTrack employs patented 'tuned dampers' which have been developed in conjunction with Southampton University's Institute of Sound and Vibration Research. The dampers are attached to either side of the rail - absorbing vibrations efficiently and preventing noise from being generated by the rail. Tuned dampers can be fitted to a variety of standard rail sections.

SilentTrack is a significantly more attractive option than noise containment measures such as barriers that are visually intrusive and very expensive.

Installation options

Our SilentTrack tuned rail dampers can be installed using a choice of methods:

  • 'On track' onto rail that is already in service
  • In-factory conditions onto rail for use in renewal or new-build programmes

We have worked in partnership with selected installation contractors to develop techniques for installation onto existing track that:

  • Minimise possession times
  • Ensure the integrity of the installed product

The clipping system developed for SilentTrack ensures a speedy installation process (it can be fitted onto up to 400m of track per hour) and a high integrity of fixation.

SilentTrack® is a registered trademark of British Steel in the United Kingdom and/or other countries.

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