Multi-Life grooved rail

Multi life ML330 rail on a tight curve in a tramway system.

For tight curves of <80m radius, nothing beats Multi-Life grooved rail ML330 for wear resistance with weld restorability in track.

Our Multi-Life (ML) grades are specifically developed to provide improved weldabilty both during installation and also throughout the life-cycle of the rail including robust gauge corner weld restoration. Providing significant improvements on standard grades contained in EN 14811 our Multi-Life grades offer a solution for all urban tramway situations

The industry leading ML330 grade offers the highest levels of wear resistance whilst also being proven to be fully weld-restorable in-situ to deliver multiple lives using British Steel’s patented process.

Extending the first use phase

Our ML330 offers the best wear resistance and restorability of any grooved rail on the market. Its first life is three times that of standard grade grooved rails and comparable to hard-faced rail. With a hardness of 320–360HB in a non heat treated rail, ML330 provides considerable benefits to tramway networks by carrying more fare earning traffic and requiring less maintenance grinding further reducing life cycle costs.

ML330 - A unique product

Our ML330 grooved rail is unique and much longer lasting than other available grades due to:

  • A high wear resistance inherited from the intelligent design of the steel composition and microstructure
  • Its ability for side wear to be robustly and repeatedly restored using our patented low pre-heat welding process

Features of ML330’s wear performance include:

  • Resistance to vertical wear comparable to the hardest grades in grooved rail
  • Resistance to side wear equivalent to that of rail that has been hard-faced by welding prior to installation

Multiple lives - Restoring grooved rail profile

We have developed a patented weld repair process to restore the loss in rail profile associated with sharp curves. Our low pre-heat weld restoration process is now being successfully employed to restore grooved rail in tramway networks throughout Europe. Our process is ideal for rebuilding worn grooved rail in track to:

  • Extend rail life
  • Reduce life cycle costs

The gauge corner weld restoration process is able to robustly build up the rail profile on curves with heavy sidewear. This restored profile then rejuvenates the rail giving it an extra life, avoiding costly and disruptive rail replacement.

Grooved embedded tram rail with side wear  Gauge corner restoration welding on grooved rail tram track

Sidewear in embedded rail track can be restored using our patented process for reliable repairs

This gauge corner restoration process can be repeated as required through the multiple lives of the rail until the headwear reaches the networks determined level when the rail is finally life expired. These multiple lives in service is why our improved weldability grades wear the Multi-Life (ML) name. 

Robust welds

A welding technique requiring low pre-heating offers significant advantages:

  • A low pre-heat avoids damage to polymers surrounding the embedded rail
  • Unlike ‘no pre-heat’ methods of weld restoration, it produces robust, crack-free weld deposits. The prescribed low bulk pre-heat of 80°C employed ensures the development of a tougher microstructure that is resistant to cracking

Restoration of our ML330 grooved rail using this process has been evaluated by the University of Cambridge as well as track testing by several welding providers. The results validate the welding process and the integrity of the welds done on ML330.

Welding advice

We offer advice and consultancy to tramway networks on a wide range of rail welding issues. By sharing our expertise, we can help customers reduce the life cycle costs of renewal and maintenance.

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