High Performance

High speed tilting train negotiating a curve made from British Steel HP335 wear and rolling contact fatigue resistant rail in the UK.

Where an optimum balance of high wear resistance and excellent rolling contact fatigue resistance is needed, our High Performance rail HP335 is an ideal solution.

This non heat-treated rail is designed for curved track and other high duty areas, where it is proven to improve wear resistance, cut life cycle costs, reduce grinding frequency and extend rail life.

Suited to a wide range of applications, HP335 (also known as HPrail®) was approved for use by Network Rail in 2012 and is the premium rail of choice in the UK mainline network. Several light rail operators have also adopted HP335 as their premium rail solution for reducing wear, corrugation and grinding requirements to maximise rail life whilst reducing life cycle costs.

Reduced life cycle costs

Our HP335 delivers low wear rates (comparable with R350HT rails) without the need for heat treatment. It also delivers greatly improved rolling contact fatigue (RCF) performance above other 'as-rolled' rails. This reduces the need for rail grinding to control RCF by typically 66% increasing rail life, increasing track availability and reducing maintenance costs. 

The high performance of HP335 rail means reduced life-cycle costs for infrastructure owners/operators. Savings of more than 60 per cent have been independently quantified where HP335 has been used as a replacement for R260. See our latest case study on savings made in a UK heavy-haul environment here

HP335 has been extensively proven for in excess of 9 years in varied applications from light-rail to heavy-haul. If you'd like to find out more then please contact us here.