Bainitic Low Fatigue

Bainitic low fatigue rail in the channel tunnel / Eurotunnel linking France to the United Kingdom

Our Bainitic Low Fatigue rail BLF offers exceptional rolling contact fatigue (RCF) resistance thanks to its unique microstructure.

Designed to resist contact fatigue in extreme conditions our Bainitic Low Fatigue steel rails find applications for both switch blades and mobile points on high speed track and also in plain-line areas. Its performance is proven by over a decade of use in France, Switzerland and the Channel Tunnel.

The improved RCF performance provided by our low carbon, carbide-free BLF grades leads to lower life cycle costs through reduced maintenance requirements, especially under extreme traffic densities.

We offer two grades - BLF320 and BLF360 (previously known as B320 and B360) - to provide extreme contact fatigue resistance to critical track areas such as high speed switchblades and movable points, and routes with high traffic density. Where the highest levels of contact fatigue resistance are required, our BLF grades deliver industry leading performance.

Proven performance

Our BLF grades have been in mainline use for over ten years proving exceptional RCF resistance in the most challenging conditions. In extended monitoring programmes spanning rail lives in excess of 1,000MGT, our BLF rail has never required grinding to control RCF.

Indeed so good is the performance, that BLF is mandated for all new French TGV high-speed movable points. What’s more, the performance of our BLF rails in the Channel Tunnel has meant that they are scheduled to remain in service whilst those surrounding them are being replaced.

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