Weathering Steel Sections

Self-protecting, durable and attractive, weathering steel structural sections are ideal for a wide range of outdoor configurations in exposed locations.

They provide an economic solution for many structures connecting with the environment, including bridges, buildings and catenary gantries, and offer significant advantages over other metals for structures exposed to the elements:

  • Long lifespan: corrosion rate is so low that long lifespans can be achieved - in some cases up to 120 years  
  • Low maintenance: ideal for bridges and structures where access is difficult or dangerous
  • Cost reduction: no need for protective painting and low maintenance reduces associated costs e.g. road or rail possession
  • Environmental benefits: no volatile organic compounds from paint or disposal of blast-cleaning debris from future maintenance
  • Attractive appearance: mature weathering steel often blends pleasingly with the environment, changing and improving with age
  • Speed of construction: without site painting operations, overall construction time is reduced
  • Enhanced safety: painting issues are eliminated and future maintenance risks are minimised