Steel is the material of choice.
07 Feb 2024

Survey reveals steel is 'material of choice'  

Steel continues to dominate as the structural framing material of choice with market share growth in key UK construction sectors in 2023, according to an independent survey.

The 2023 Construction Markets’ survey, commissioned by the British Constructional Steelwork Association (BCSA) and marketers Steel for Life, looked at non-residential multi-storey, non-residential single storey and residential buildings. The key non-residential multi-storey sector includes offices, retail, leisure, health and education. 

BCSA Chief Executive Officer David Moore said: “The survey shows that steel remains the preferred choice of the UK construction market across all the building types analysed. With the total UK consumption of constructional steel in 2023 at 893,000 tonnes, it is clear that steel has out-performed other framing materials and retained its market share in some areas and increased it in others.

“The cost-effectiveness of steel, its adaptability, speed of construction and contribution to the circular economy through reuse and recycling are all factors that continue to be valued by developers, contractors, designers and building users alike. 

“I’m confident that future market share surveys will continue to illustrate the dominance of steel as a framing material.”

British Steel Commercial Director Ben Cunliffe said: “British Steel would entirely support the BCSA comments regarding steel being the material of choice, which is around 70% of commercial buildings whereas in Europe its concrete dominated with steel share less than 30%."