17 Aug 2017

British Steel expands global reach with 9 international sales offices

At the beginning of this year, British Steel commenced the rebranding of overseas offices and the company is now proud to announce the completion of this process.

Since launch day on 1 June 2016, British Steel regional account managers around the world have been providing support to customers under transitional arrangements with Tata Steel. Following the hard work and efforts of employees, offices across the world have been selected and branded in line with our values: pride, passion and performance.

As a well-known name within the steel industry, the British Steel brand has been well received across the globe. New offices have been set-up in the USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore and Taiwan.

Peter Bernscher, British Steel CEO, said: “The implementation of the overseas offices marks the beginning of our journey as we move from strength to strength, helping our customers to build sustainable futures across the globe.

“Our new positioning allows us to ensure local service for global markets, engaging all customers and consistently delivering value.

“Due to the efforts of our team and the ongoing support of customers and stakeholders, all our offices have now successfully transitioned to the revitalised brand with a long standing history and a prosperous future.”

Our German office in Düsseldorf is well positioned to meet the needs of all our customers and the high demand for wire rod products. Christoph Bross, Managing Director Germany, said: “We look forward to welcoming our customers to our new offices.

“The new British Steel look really reflects how we wish to present ourselves to the market as a trustworthy, global brand. We are well established and well positioned in the markets we are delivering to.

“Wire Rod customers in Germany can enjoy added values, such as the next day delivery we are offering with our managed call-off stock to support automotive supply chains in the heart of the German steel region. With Rheinkraft, the former ThyssenKrupp forwarding company, we have recruited a reliable partner to support this added value service.

“We recently attended IAF 2017 in Münster, Germany, alongside many colleagues from the Rail team. This was a brilliant opportunity for us to underline how we can help rail customers around the world enhance their railway performance.

“Such shows are also a perfect chance to introduce our new commercial and technical colleagues to the various industries and to raise awareness of our Düsseldorf office.”

The USA presents one of our biggest markets and all customers have been very supportive of the new brand. Pete Joyce, President Americas, commented: “We’re very excited to launch the new British Steel in Americas regions and it has been well received by our customers.

“British Steel is a well-known name in this part of the world and is synonymous with quality, service and innovation. Alongside our American office, we also have sales agents operating in Brazil and Mexico, ensuring that we expand our reach to offer personal service.”

Two of the latest offices to open were in Spain and Poland. Tomasz Kaczmarek, Regional Account Manager for Poland, said: “I’m very happy that the Polish office was launched in July, which was warmly received by our local customers. Many still remember the name from the past and confirm it to be associated with quality and reliability.

“Establishing the office in Katowice has proved that British Steel is committed to customers in Central and Eastern Europe and the region is an important market for the company.

“I’m looking forward to our participation in the Trako fair in Gdańsk this September, which will be the first exhibition by the new British Steel in our region. It’s a good opportunity to show our great capabilities in a range of rail products and will help us raise brand awareness in the local area.”

With years of experience in the steel industry, our regional account managers provide customers with an everyday point of contact in the market place, partnering with the UK mill-based team and working hard to understand customer requirements wherever they are based.

Peter Bernscher said: “As a flexible and responsive provider of sustainable steel solutions, we continue to put our customers at the heart of what we do.

“I would like to extend my thanks to all those involved in the implementation and the rebranding of the offices – we look forward to exploring new markets and the challenges ahead.”

British Steel also has an office in Saint-Germain near Paris. A short summary of contact details is provided below, but for a more comprehensive list of sales offices and contact details, click here.


Sales office located in Saint-Germain.
E: rail@britishsteel.co.uk


Sales office located in Düsseldorf.
E: germany.enquiries@britishsteel.co.uk


Sales office located in Monza.
E: italy.enquiries@britishsteel.co.uk


Sales office located in Eindhoven.
E: netherlands.enquiries@britishsteel.co.uk


Sales office located in Katowice.
E: poland.enquiries@britishsteel.co.uk


Sales office located in Harbourfront.
E: singapore.enquiries@britishsteel.co.uk


Sales office located in Madrid.
E: spain.enquiries@britishsteel.co.uk


Sales office located in Tollered.
E: sweden.enquiries@britishsteel.co.uk


Sales office located in Taipei.
E: taiwan.enquiries@britishsteel.co.uk


Sales office located in Schaumburg.
E: usa.enquiries@britishsteel.co.uk