UK Steel's Director General Gareth Stace at the Parliamentary reception.
06 Sep 2023

MPs lobbied on support for procurement of UK-made steel

British Steel representatives were among a delegation from the industry who attended the Houses of Parliament this week for a reception entitled Steel in the Spotlight.

The event focused on UK steel procurement and marked six months since the implementation of the revised Public Procurement Note (PPN), which states that the origin of steel used in public projects is reported.

Trade body UK Steel also presented the renewed UK Steel Charter, asking MPs to show their support for it.

The change to the PPN has been aimed at encouraging public bodies to increase their uptake of British ‘melted and poured’ steel in publicly funded projects, with the aim of  strengthening national resilience, creating and protecting jobs and reducing the environmental impact.

Previously the origin of steel was not considered in public procurement decisions, as steel typically sits several tiers down the supply chain and did not directly bid into procurement processes. 

Lisa Coulson, British Steel’s Strategy and Marketing Director, said: “We have very much welcomed the change that has been brought about by the amended PPN. There are compelling reasons for public sector organisations in the UK to buy steel manufactured in Britain. Above all, the quality is unrivalled worldwide and it meets the regulations set out for public infrastructure projects.

“Buying British steel is not only a boost for the economy and jobs, it also helps strengthen our manufacturing base.”