02 Mar 2017

British Steel secures investment for improved de-scaling process

The Special Profiles team is benefitting from a new investment. This will enable us to focus on further enhancing product surface quality through upgrades to de-scaling equipment, ensuring customers receive optimum value.

In August 2017, the commissioning stage will commence for new high pressure descaling (HPD) equipment at Skinningrove mill, which forms part of a series of improvements being implemented for Special Profiles. This will happen during the summer shutdown period to ensure no disruption to current business.

David Hogg, Engineering, Development and Product Quality Manager, said: “We’re investing in enhancing our descaling equipment so we can continue to provide customers with market-leading surface quality, over our full range of products.

“Our customers are continually increasing their expectations regarding surface quality, and this investment represents a strategic move to ensure we continue to satisfy these requirements. We’re always striving to differentiate ourselves in terms of quality, service and collaboration with partners to ensure maximum mutual value in the supply chain.”

The process route at Skinningrove utilises two re-heat furnaces, where scale is formed in the heating process. The new de-scaling system will supersede the existing process, using high pressure water technology to break scale from the bars post discharge from the furnaces. All this happens prior to the rolling of the products. It’s essential to ensure scale is not rolled in as this can cause surface defects.

David said: “Although our mill already uses high pressure descaling equipment, the new system represents a significant process development, compared to the current arrangement. This will ensure a leading edge approach to removing surface scale from the product.”

Grant McBain, Commercial Director, said: “We would like to be viewed as a long-term viable and preferred supply partner – the first choice every time and the company you trust. The de-scaling investment will help us to achieve this.”