10 Mar 2017

British Steel celebrates positive response from customer survey

We’ve received the results from our first Special Profiles customer survey since becoming British Steel. We’ve analysed the feedback you gave us and are using it to make further improvements.

We launched our customer satisfaction survey in December 2016 to better understand perceptions of the company and to highlight any potential areas of improvement. The survey returned a very good response rate from a wide range of customers who buy a variety of different special profiles.

Suzanne Walker, Market Analyst, said: “We’re keen to make sure we fully understand the requirements of our customers and to provide them with the highest possible levels of service. The results of the survey were extremely positive with almost 80% of respondents rating our product quality at least 4 out of 5.

“However, we recognise the importance of all feedback, and we acknowledge that there are areas where we can continue to improve. That’s why we are investing in upgrades such as the high pressure descaling improvement scheme to ensure our surface quality capability is aligned to increasing market needs.”

The survey questions were based around customer views in a number of areas, including: product quality; business relationship; delivery on time and responsiveness.

Suzanne said: “Innovation will continue to be a key strength for British Steel. We look for unique ways to improve our product range, and we continue to be responsive to market changes.”

British Steel’s 90V vanadium grade crane rails are a good example of how the company has adapted to meet the needs of clients. These high-strength rails increase load-bearing capability and extend life span through improved wear performance.  

Both British Steel and the ‘best competitor’ were rated in order to allow a comparison. On average, respondents awarded British Steel more than 4 points out of 5 which was higher than the ‘best competitor.’

This highlights the strength of the British Steel brand, product and service. Grant McBain, Commercial Director, said: “I’d like to thank all our customers who took time to respond to the survey. The team is passionate about delivering the best customer experience possible and will use the feedback from the survey to continue to meet your needs.”

The intention is to carry out further surveys on a regular basis. This will provide a way to obtain valuable feedback as the Special Profiles team continue to work closely with customers.

Grant added: “We’re devoted to understanding the needs of our client base to fulfil our vision of differentiating ourselves in terms of quality, service and collaboration. This will help us ensure the ongoing success of our business, our customers and our stakeholders.”