British Steel Chairman Roland Junck and British High Commissioner to the Republic of India Sir Dominic Asquith during discussions with the Indian Railways Board.
07 Nov 2017

British Steel seeks to further develop its global reach

British Steel has recently been meeting key stakeholders in India to discuss how the company might help fulfil the significant and growing needs of the Indian market. 

Following a visit from Indian Railways earlier this year, British Steel representatives – Chairman Roland Junck, Managing Director Rail Peter Smith, Business Development Director Dr Surya Singh and Agent for India Partha Bose – travelled to India to meet with infrastructure operators and Government ministries to determine how British Steel might help them achieve their goals. 

The Indian Government has a clear strategy to grow a mixed economy over the coming decades. The development of the rail network is a critical cornerstone of the industrial strategy for the country. Today the network consumes around one million tonnes of rail per year and this is forecast to increase to two million tonnes per year within the next two years, driven by upgrading of existing network, creation of dedicated freight corridors and development of metro systems in large conglomerations. 

In common with other international rail networks, Indian Railways seeks to operate a safe, efficient network and is interested in increasing rail traffic volumes, improving freight efficiency and minimising network downtime. Additionally, there is substantial interest in growing dedicated freight corridors and metro systems across the country. 

The rail supply to achieve this cannot be met by the existing Indian supply chain and the Indian Railways Board has now issued a substantial tender for supply of rail, starting May 2018. 

Roland said: “It was a pleasure to meet with such experienced railway professionals. They recognise our capability to supply a wide range of high quality rail products and our potential to help them achieve their objective of creating a more reliable, safe and efficient railway. I’m optimistic we’ll be able to work together to grow the value and volume of rail sales in India.”