03 Aug 2016

British Steel One Million Steps challenge complete

More than 50 employees clocked up a massive 18 million steps throughout July as part of British Steel's One Million Steps challenge.

In their drive to improve health, our 12 teams also raised £380 for Save the Children, a cause chosen after organiser Colin Mawdsley saw TV coverage of refugees, including many children, walking across Europe and felt moved to help. 

Josephine Burgess, who's volunteered with Save the Children for 40 years, attended today's awards and explained more about their work. She said: "Save the Children works in 120 countries with a wide range of activities. These include helping give children a healthy start in life, a chance for education and protection from harm. We help parents learn how to support their children's early development since we know this is so important. In 2015 alone, Save the Children directly helped 17.5 million children across the world. 

"The vast majority of the money you've raised - more than 90% - will go directly towards supporting children who really need your help. Thank you for your steps - whatever you've done, you will make a difference - you've done something to raise money that otherwise would not have happened. You should all be very proud, and on behalf of Save the Children, thank you very much for your millions and millions of steps." 

Colin, Customer Technical Services Engineer at British Steel, said: "We handed out several awards today, including the team covering the most steps, the Mr or Mrs Motivator award for keeping their team going and best rearguard action team. Our target was to achieve 1,000,000 steps per team - we had 12 teams and achieved more than 18 million steps together, so we smashed it! 

"For us this was a bit of inter-office fun, but for the children involved in the European migrant crisis it's a very different story. They're exposed to danger, potential exploitation and long arduous journeys. This was our way of doing just a tiny bit to help Save the Children protect these youngsters. Well done to everyone at British Steel for putting their best foot forward."

Further donations are welcome and can be made on our Just Giving page.

Photo caption: (L-R): Nick Bates and Suzanne Schmid from the winning British Steel team, Josephine Burgess from Save the Children and organiser Colin Mawdsley