27 Sep 2016

British Steel on the search for innovative service providers

British Steel is looking for innovative service providers to support its manufacturing operations in Scunthorpe, Immingham and Teesside.

The business produces around 2.8 million tonnes of steel every year but none of this would be possible without having highly effective and efficient support for its manufacturing units.

Ann Liddall, British Steel’s Procurement Services Manager, said: “Support work is carried out by a series of highly-skilled, professional service providers that perform a range of production-critical activities across our Scunthorpe, Immingham and Teesside sites.

“We are currently preparing to go out to market for a wide range of on-site production service activities and are seeking innovative, performance-driven service providers that would meet our pre-selection criteria, are passionate about what they do and focused on delivering value to their customers.

“This is an exciting opportunity for new and existing suppliers to be involved in offering alternative, innovative and proven service solutions that will support British Steel in producing steel of the highest quality and at the best value for our customers, as we strive to keep our manufacturing costs in line with our competitors.

“The services involve raw material handling, material processing, internal product handling, and specialist production services that are required to feed the manufacturing units with their relevant feedstock. These are production-critical activities and we are always striving for the most effective and efficient way to perform them. We are keen to explore optimum solutions, including use of the latest technology to maximise our operating results and deliver best value for our business.

“The range of services follow the cycle of our raw materials (namely coal, coke and iron ore) arriving at our Immingham port, all the way through various processes that prepare the materials for use in the blast furnaces and steelmaking plant. As a responsible organisation we aim for zero waste where possible and therefore some re-processing of bi-products are required in order to re-use these products as a replacement for our raw materials.”

Proven knowledge and experience in working in the steel industry or similar environment, working in high pressure (production-critical) environments will be essential for consideration at the pre-selection selection stage. If you think your company can offer value to our British Steel and can meet our pre-selection criteria, please get in touch with Ann Liddall (Services Manager, Procurement) – ann.liddall@longssteel.com or Rebecca Baxter (Senior Sourcing Lead, Procurement) – rebecca.baxter@longssteel.com