02 May 2024

British Steel hosts Lord-Lieutenant's official visit 

British Steel was proud to host the Lord-Lieutenant of Lincolnshire and dignitaries during a special tour of its Scunthorpe site today.

Welcomed by senior management, the Lord-Lieutenant Toby Dennis and a delegation of 30 gained a first-hand insight into company operations including the Scunthorpe Rod Mill and Scunthorpe Rail and Section Mill.

A full day's schedule culminated in a formal presentation about British Steel, followed by an open floor Q&A which focused on the manufacturer’s proposed £1.25-billion transformation - its biggest in more than a century of steelmaking. 

Lord-Lieutenant Toby Dennis said: "It was a fairly obvious choice really to visit British Steel, we have only one annual meeting with all of the Lieutenants where we try to get around the county to see different aspects of what is active in the county of Lincolnshire. We felt it would be good to come to Scunthorpe and come to British Steel to see how the modern way of making steel is progressing. 

“We have been very well guided through the initial process of where the raw material are required and what is needed to make steel, first impressions for me are the gigantic size of the site, it is quite amazing. “

An exchange of gifts closed off the day, with Lord Lieutenant Toby Dennis presenting British Steel Chairman Li Huiming with a specially framed picture of King Charles III.