Mechanical Workshops

Area outline: Our Mechanical Workshops department is a craft unit specialising in the life cycle refurbishment of differing continuous casting modules and associated ancillaries, ensuring the plant has the high-quality and defect-free reliable units necessary to fulfil casting plan. The team specialises in the overhaul of aged, worn and damaged plant items to ultimately return them to prime assets. Refurbishment of the various modules is a hands-on activity with tasks ranging from unit disassembly using a variety of hand tools and techniques, bench fitting/assembly of bearings, shafts, light pipe work and threaded articles, through to final set-up (accurate to tenths of millimetres) and pre-delivery inspections.

Suitable for: This placement is ideal for those looking at future hands-on mechanical craft careers.

Student activities: Students will shadow a craftsperson throughout their working day while being exposed to the skills and methods used across 2 shift teams. They'll undertake activities in conjunction with the craftsperson to achieve a set target, using basic hand tools, including spanners, wrenches, sockets, allen keys, pliers and measuring devices.

Working hours: 8.00am – 4.00pm, Monday – Friday