Heavy Rolling Stock Workshops

Area outline: Our Heavy Rolling Stock Workshops team is primarily responsible for the maintenance of our large fleet of internal locomotives and wagons (including the molten metal carrying torpedo fleet). As the fleet is aged this can be a challenging but rewarding task. The availability of locomotives and rolling stock is key to the business as we use railways to transport our product in all of its various stages from raw material and molten metal to semi-finished and finished. The workshops also carry out maintenance of a variety of machines and engines plus routine refurbishment of large structural elements for other plant departments.

Suitable for: The Heavy Rolling Stock area is a great environment to give an insight to those looking at either a mechanical craft or structural craft career.

Student activities: Students will shadow a craftsperson while undertaking their normal day to day duties, exposing them to the skills and methods commonly used within the workshop. Students will gain an understanding into the process and experience the use of basic tools and equipment.

Working hours: 7.00am – 3:00pm, Monday – Friday