Area outline: Our Environment department ensures we meet the requirements of our environmental policy statement, comply with all relevant environmental legislation, and apply best available techniques for pollution control.

Suitable for: This department is ideal for those looking at a future career in all areas of environmental management, including air monitoring, effluent treatment and waste. It's also suitable for those wishing to pursue a career in engineering as it can be tailored to provide an overview of environmental abatement techniques.

Student activities: Learners will shadow a member of our Environment department to gain a broader understanding of environmental management practices. Specific tasks, supervised by a team member, may include:

• Daily air quality forecast
• Daily review and download of environmental monitoring data
• Preparing weekly report information on environmental performance
• Replacing filters and downloading data at the air quality monitor (supervised)

Significant opportunities will be provided to accompany members of our department during plant inspections to gain a wider appreciation of the operations across all areas of the iron and steel works.

Working hours: 8:00am – 4.00pm, Monday – Friday