Electrical and Process Control

Area outline: Our Electrical and Process Control department is split into 2 departments: Electrical deals with areas of plant that don't have their own electrical craft resource i.e. admin, central labs, mechanical workshops and street lighting, and Process Control deals with CCTV, calibrations, radios and analytical systems.

Suitable for: Our Electrical and Process Control department is perfect for those seeking an understanding of instrumentation, calibration and electrical career paths. As the department touches every area of site, it gives an insight into the complexities of an integrated steel plant.

Student activities: Students will shadow a craft person throughout their working day to gain exposure of the skills and methods used. The activities undertaken will be in conjunction with the craft person to achieve a set target. The learner will experience the basic use of hand tools to include basic electrical diagnostic tools, associated electrical hand tools and measuring devices

Working hours: 8.00am – 4.00pm Monday – Friday