Logistics Profile: Danny Nicholson

Danny Nicholson, Health and Safety Facilitator

Danny applied to work here at British Steel after completing a degree in Business Leadership and Management, joining our Logistics team as a Health and Safety Facilitator. Danny proudly shares how he is following in the footsteps of his dad and grandad, who both worked for British Steel before him, making Danny the third generation in his family to pursue their career with us.  

What did you do before joining British Steel? 

Before joining British Steel, I spent 11 years working in retail. I started working at Halfords when I was 16 and became full-time in management after completing my university degree in Business Leadership and Management. 

Why did you want to join British Steel? 

British Steel presented to me the opportunity to gain experience in a manufacturing environment. I knew people who were working for British Steel who said the culture supports career progression, which is a really important motivator for me. 

Also, my dad and grandad have worked for British Steel in the past, so it’s almost a family tradition for at least one of us to be working for British Steel! They both had successful careers working for British Steel, so it’s good that British Steel are now offering me the opportunity to succeed. 

What does your day-to-day role involve? 

I’m a Health and Safety Facilitator within Logistics, so I offer Health and Safety support to departments such as rail traffic, Redbourn, internal and external fleet. 

What do you enjoy about your job? 

Not one day is the same! My role is really dynamic and presents many different challenges and opportunities. I enjoy getting involved in different improvement projects where safety is a key factor. Having a role that spreads across different site locations means I get to see all areas of the business and helps me build some really strong networks across the business. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years' time within British Steel? 

Ultimately, I’m not too concerned with job titles. I just enjoy feeling as though I’m contributing towards continuous improvement opportunities and encouraging zero harm. I’m ambitious so naturally I’d like to progress in to more senior roles in the future, however my immediate objectives are to complete the various training courses I’m currently enrolled in and see where that takes me. 

What advice would you give to other people considering a career with us? 

It’s really a no brainer. I can certainly say that everybody within Logistics is really supportive and create an environment that makes it easy to come to work every day. I’m sure that other areas are exactly the same. The business are also looking to make significant investments to ensure the sustainability for the long term, so there’s opportunities for people to have a really successful career within British Steel.