Graduate profile: Nish Goel

Nigel Goel - Graduate Technical Engineer.

Nish Goel is a recent graduate currently doing his first of 4 6-month rotations across various technical disciplines. 

Age: 23
Position at British Steel: Technical Engineer - Environmental Department
Course: MEng Chemical Engineering with Energy
University: The University of Sheffield 

What attracted you to British Steel? 

There were two main reasons, one of them was the opportunity to be part of one of the leading experts in long steel products across the UK and France. British Steel furthermore offers excellent graduate opportunities such as the four rotations of six months each across various technical disciplines, which will allow me to enhance my knowledge and skills. Secondly, the company provides guidance towards becoming a Chartered Chemical Engineer, which is one of my aims.

What duties does your new role include? 

I am currently working on a pilot plant for the biological treatment of coke oven effluents and am also part of the commissioning team for the treatment of blast furnace effluents. Since these projects are pilot plant-based, it depends on how these pilot processes perform as the results will determine if these processes can be scaled up. Our main aim is to reduce the ammonia nitrogen concentration and the suspended solids at the output of the process in order to comply with the limits set by the Environmental Agency.

How did your degree prepare you for your new position?

From my university course I learnt the basics of chemical engineering and learnt about several processes and their operation in greater depth. Furthermore from the design project and research project as part of the course I enhanced my team working, problem solving, analytical and researching capabilities, which have all been very beneficial.

What are your new colleagues like?

My colleagues have been really good as they are always very supportive and easily approachable to resolve any questions or queries. They are happy to take us around the site, teach us more about their job roles and the projects they are working on, which is a great opportunity to learn more.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking of joining?

I would advise taking part in various projects, jobs and any extra-curricular activities to increase your communication, team working and problem solving skills as they will be beneficial for any job you have as part of the company. Also if you have any queries always ask.