Graduate profile: Lewis Dawson

Head shot of Commercial Graduate Lewis Dawson
Commercial Graduate Lewis Dawson

Commercial Graduate Lewis Dawson, currently working within Special Profiles, joined the company in September 2017 and has been telling us about his journey so far.

Age: 23
Position: Commercial Graduate
Current Location: Skinningrove, Special Profiles
University: Northumbria University
Course: Business Management

What is your role and how long have you been in it?

I joined the company as a commercial graduate in September 2017. Commercial teams here at British Steel are responsible for daily interactions, negotiations and support with customers. As a graduate you support the rest of the team, taking on responsibilities and demands that equip you with skills and knowledge to help you move forward with your career.

Projects, tasks and responsibilities can vary but they all have the end goal of helping you build up a strong knowledge of the internal operations and external factors that concern sales and marketing at British Steel. 

Since starting my role I’ve been given the opportunity to get involved in various tasks and projects, each impacting the business in different ways. Some of these tasks include facilitating the process of reducing aged stock within the Special Profiles business, enabling me to work closely with colleagues in operations, technical and customer services.

I’ve also looked at processes that can further help stock management, completed market analysis reports on a specific special profile product and presented my findings and recommendations to the senior management team.

Why did you choose to work for British Steel?

One of the biggest attractions British Steel had is that it’s a company that operates globally with a diverse portfolio of customers and products. The opportunity to influence international business operations and work towards being responsible for maintaining strong business-customer relationships excited me.

How would you describe the culture of British Steel and how you fit into it?

The culture of British Steel has a strong emphasis towards team work and collaboration across all departments. It’s very forward thinking with a demand for innovation and continuous improvement. 

I believe I fit into this workplace culture because throughout university I was often challenged with analysing business improvement and changes, therefore equipping me with the skills and mindset required to help British Steel continue moving forward. 

I also believe I achieve my best when working alongside others and enjoy learning about other aspects of the business by collaborating with other departments.

How do you believe your job at British Steel will help you with your future career goals?

Progressing through the business in a commercial position gives me high hopes for my future career. The requirement to constantly work alongside different departments with a variety of people and backgrounds gives me excellent opportunities to gain valuable knowledge on the industry and become an effective leader. 

Continuing to further understand international business and work alongside experienced colleagues makes me believe I can have a strong influence on the future performance of the business.

What is the best thing about working for British Steel?

Despite its heritage, the British Steel we work for today is a relatively new company, having formed in July 2016. Getting on board with the company at an early stage, which has involved strong rebranding, streamlining of the business and sculpturing its own unique culture and business goals, makes you feel like you can have a significant impact and influence during this time of change.

The strong collaboration and need to work effectively with various functions and departments is a great aspect of the company to me. As a previous business student, I enjoy being involved and contributing to all aspects of the business.

Have you got any advice for people currently applying to work for British Steel?

I would advise anyone applying to work for British Steel to familiarise yourself with the company, its history and recent news. If you can demonstrate interest, enthusiasm and knowledge about the industry and business, it will prove to be beneficial throughout the application process and when starting your new role, if successful.