Commercial profile: Hannah Richardson

Hannah joined us in August 2022 on our graduate scheme. Having graduated in 2019, she built up 3 years of retail experience and then took the opportunity to start her steel career, following in the footsteps of both her father and grandfather. Find out more about what Hannah's been up to so far and what she hopes the future holds...

What did you do before joining British Steel?

In 2019, I graduated from the University of Liverpool where I'd spent 3 years studying history. For the following 3 years I worked in a range of retail jobs, including working in sales at the Anfield club store - I'm a big Liverpool FC fan so that was a great experience!

My most recent role prior to joining British Steel was as a Customer Service Desk Representative at Tesco.

Why did you want to join British Steel?

I could see the company's graduate scheme offered the prospect of a long-term career here. I've always had a connection to the company and particularly the site at Scunthorpe as my dad has worked here for 30 years and both my grandfathers too, one of whom worked on the site for 40 years! So I felt this was the perfect place to start my first full-time job.

What does your day-to-day role involve?

I'm working as part of the Marketing team. This entails an interesting variety of daily, weekly and monthly tasks involving looking at prices of materials, trade quotas and sales volumes. I'm also now starting to research and develop case studies to showcase projects around the world that we’ve been involved in.

What are you enjoying about British Steel so far?

Everyone has been very welcoming and friendly - and they're quick to help too if I have any queries. The training across the different areas and tasks has been really good, helping me settle in well without feeling overwhelmed. I know what my role is and what’s expected of me, so this makes it easier for me to plan goals and identify what I need to achieve each day.

The graduate scheme is very well planned and thought out, giving me a good work / life balance.

Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years' time within British Steel?

I hope to pursue a long-term career with the company. I'd like to keep progressing each year, continue to learn new things and to challenge myself.

I'd like to look back knowing I made the most of a decade with the company, working as hard as I know I can to continue progressing. In 10 years' time, I hope to help new starters in the way I have been helped in my first weeks here.

What advice would you give to other people considering a career with us?

Go for it! There are many different areas within the company that require different skills, so anyone can succeed.

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