Commercial profile: Denis Bode

Denis Bode is Sales Manager at our sister company FN Steel. Based in Alblasserdam in the Netherlands, the company manufactures wire rod, treated rod and drawn wire. Find out more about Denis and his thoughts about FN Steel and British Steel...

Tell us about your experiences before joining FN Steel?

I did my training in the sanitary mixer industry, after which I worked in sales in active customer retention and new business development. For one and a half years I was employed in a wire drawing shop in the office as well as in the field.

What knowledge do you bring to the business?

I have experience in construction and supporting customers. From my previous roles in customer service and sales, I have developed account management skills through collaborating with customers to tailor service offerings, develop product offerings to meet their specific requirements and have helped customers achieve production efficiencies. I've also worked in marketing cold-heading and bearing steel, project support and development.

What do you enjoy about working for FN Steel?

I enjoy how it feels like one family. Everyone treats each other with great respect and friendliness, we all work together to reach the one common goal to fully satisfy the customers. We work closely to solve any problems together so that we can deliver customer satisfaction.

In addition to this, FN Steel has some of the best production facilities in the entire industry coupled with lots of know-how and experience.

What are you career aspirations and where do you see yourself in 5-10 years' time?

I see myself further on with a great team and with our companies continuing to work closely together. As a sales manager, I plan to develop new customers and see if we can supply an even better service to existing customers. But I also want to focus on personal development to improve my position in the best way possible - this is a great opportunity that is available at FN Steel.

Why did you choose to apply for a job at FN Steel?

The job role is very interesting. When you first start out in the industry, you think wire is a lightweight product for applications you might know that you already have come across. But as you spend more time in the wire industry, you realise quickly how important our product is and which products our customers produce - from the ball for roller bearings to complex fastening systems. And then add in the family environment and daily challenges that you master together, and the job role is very rewarding.

FN Steel and British Steel have really built up a great spirit and are helping meet the challenges of the market.

What does your day-to-day role involve?

My job as sales manager means I'm the link between customers and our work facilities. I am the first person a customer contacts and we can then explore new possibilities of working together. Together, with the inside sales team and technical service manager, we face this every day and our common goal is a satisfied customer.

What advice would you give to other people considering a job at FN Steel / British Steel?

The steel industry is a very interesting field and offers great development opportunities. FN Steel and British Steel have been able to overcome challenges over the past few years, and that's thanks to the people who work here every day. Our great environment offers new employees the ideal opportunity to develop professionally and personally, no matter in which area they work, and to be part of a group that feels like a family.