Commercial profile: Chris Rippon

Sales person Chris Rippon

Chris joined British Steel in 2018. With a wealth of experience in the retail sector, find out why he likes working here...

Please tell us about your current role and the journey you've taken to it...

All of my previous career before joining British Steel was in the retail sector. I worked for Halfords and was manager of a number of different branches. I then made the move into the steel sector, which is very different to retail! Luckily, I have a number of transferrable skills that have really helped me hit the ground running in this role as a sales person.

When did you join British Steel?

I joined British Steel in February 2018 and throughout my first year, I've seen significant growth within our department. I joined just as the Metal Centre relocated to the main Scunthorpe site and this has meant we've been able to grow from a small depot to a much larger steel stockholder.

What does your day-to-day role involve?

Being exclusively office-based, I primarily deal with sales calls and emails. I create quotes and orders for customers and work to achieve our monthly sales targets. The primary focus of my role is to generate more sales and approach new companies about working together, while also looking after our current customers. I occasionally get out and about on customer visits too.

Why do you enjoy working for British Steel?

I'm lucky enough to work in a really nice environment with a great team of people. I love to be able to interact with customers and build a rapport with them and I thrive on the challenge of gaining new business. There's a great sense of achievement in this role and it’s great to be recognised for a job well done!

What advice would you give to other people considering a career at British Steel?

It’s a great place to work! You can really feel the pride that people have in British Steel. It’s a completely different mindset to working in retail. Working here, for me, is key to my work / life balance as before I joined the company I was often working really long hours and having to travel a lot. With a young family I had to re-address the balance and British Steel has given me the opportunity to work more locally and have more time for my family.

If you want to work for a company that values its employees then I’d say what are you waiting for?