Commercial profile: Beverley Bennett

Business development manager Beverley Bennett joined British Steel in 2018

Beverley joined us in 2018 and works in business development. Find out what she thinks of working at British Steel...

What's your role with British Steel and what was your journey to get there?

I've been in steel sales my whole career, starting with a casting company on Dawes Lane in Scunthorpe. I also spent some time with Kloeckner Metals as a sales manager before moving to be in business development at British Steel.

How long have you worked at British Steel?

I joined the business in June 2018. I heard about this role through friends who are also in the industry and, although I wasn’t proactively looking to make a move, it seemed to be the right time and place for me to take the next step in my career.

What does your day-to-day role involve?

I split my time between the office and visiting customers, going out about 4 times a month on visits. I spend a lot of time speaking to customers, promoting our products, generating quotes and trying to drive the business forward.

Why do you enjoy working for British Steel?

I love the variety of the day-to-day. I work in a great team where everyone is really friendly and easy to get along with. I also like the fact that I work for a company with such a great name and history.

What advice you would give to other people considering a career at British Steel?

I would recommend working at British Steel to anyone. It’s a great place to work with some really friendly people. There's also potential for growth with opportunities often available either within your own department or in other areas.