Apprentice profile: Robin Marsh 

Robin Marsh - Mechanical apprentice.

Robin Marsh is one of our mechanical apprentices currently in the first year of his 3-year course. 

What made you choose an apprenticeship with us?

I’ve had 4 generations of my family working on the steelworks and I’ve always had a passion towards working with metal and machinery, so it seemed like a logical progression for me to move into the steelworks as I can follow what I enjoy doing and carry on the family tradition. 

What work have you been doing within your mechanical apprenticeship?

At the minute I’m working on mechanical assemblies and maintenance, and I’m working on a diesel motor at the moment as well. I really enjoy getting hands on and finding out how things work.

What is the structure of your apprenticeship like?

My apprenticeship is 3 years, with my first year spent entirely in the workshop. Second and third years we’re on plant putting what we’ve learnt into practice, with one day per week in second year on day release back in the workshop for extra training.

What are your prospects of progressing after you’ve finished?

If you’ve done well, made a good impression and showed your quality there’s employment opportunities right off the bat here, which is brilliant.

What advice would you give to any young people considering a career here?

Just get your head down, work hard and progress and you’ll be definitely rewarded for that. The tutors here will give you hints and tips to guide you in the right way but it’s all about showing your own initiative.