Our Special Profiles team in Skinningrove.
19 Mar 2018

Bringing the team together

Suzanne Walker Marketing Manager for Special Profiles

In an age of instant messaging, web conferences and hyperconnectivity are there still benefits to getting together face-to-face?

When you’ve got colleagues working across four continents and five time zones, even organising a conference call to include everyone can be a bit tricky (read impossible!). So when we learned that a lot of the team were going to be in Scunthorpe for another event, we jumped at the chance to welcome as many of them as we could up North and invited a few more people along for good measure.

Yes, information can be shared easily over the internet and we have numerous ways of getting in contact daily in the virtual world, but is there really any substitute for spending time together in the flesh?

Simply hearing about the new descaling kit at Skinningrove can’t live up to seeing it in action, and no presentation or training pack can make the production process come alive like watching it up close and personal.

But the main thing we got out of spending the day together was the lasting reminder that whether our customers are in South East Asia or Brazil, the United States or Europe, their concerns are remarkably similar. Quality products, delivered on time at a competitive price makes the world go round.

So, going back to my original question - we can answer with a resounding “YES!” from the global Special Profiles team. You can’t beat the opportunity to share ideas together in the same room, refocus on the team’s goals and hopefully emerge reinvigorated and motivated to face the next challenge. Look forward to seeing everybody at our next team meeting!  


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