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04 Sep 2018

Don't invite us to tea

Ian Simpson Area Manager Manufacturing

Recent heatwave and potential for further hot weather means possible BBQs. And while it’s nice to relax and enjoy good food in the sunshine, it’s important to keep a watchful eye on the BBQ, or burnt food might be the least of your problems.

As an On-Call firefighter at Winterton Fire Station, I can tell you that a lot of outdoor fires can be prevented. It’s easy for them to spread out of control if you’re not paying attention, and you don’t want us turning up at your house for tea!

Actually, we’ve had false alarms where we’ve been called in to tend to a BBQ fire, only to find that everything is completely fine – it’s just a worried neighbour who has seen the smoke. Everyone is friendly when we attend site, and we get invited to join in and have a burger. We always urge callers that when it comes to potential fires – if in doubt, call us out!

So, here are some top tips for BBQ safety:

1. Place your BBQ on a hard, flat surface such as brick/patio slates. Ensure it’s away from the grass

2. Keep an eye on children and pets and make sure they stay away from the cooking area. Your BBQ should be positioned somewhere it can’t be knocked over

3. Never look away from the BBQ when you’re cooking – the earlier a fire is caught, the easier it is to put it out

4. Keep your BBQ in good working condition

5. Let your BBQ cool before you attempt to move it and never put hot ashes in the bin as this could melt the plastic and start a fire

If you follow Humberside Fire and Rescue on Facebook, you’ll notice we put up lots of tips to keep you safe. You might also like to take a look at our handy infographic on preventing outdoor fires.


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