5 - Germany's Der Nikolaus

Nikolaus waving from a train

Tonight children of our colleagues in Germany will be hoping Nikolaus will bring them small gifts, left in polished shoes at their doors for St Nicholas' day.

This day celebrates the death of Nicholas of Myra, a Greek Christian bishop who performed miracles and gave secret gifts in shoes overnight. He's now the patron saint of little children, sailors, merchants and students.

Children have to polish their shoes to show they've been good otherwise they might get a scare from Nikolaus’ companion Krampus.

Our sales office in Germany is located in Düsseldorf. Since opening their office in April 2017, the team of 5 has been busy establishing relationships with customers within the German markets. They will be looking forward to relaxing this Christmas in order to start the new year with the same energy they finished it with.

British Steel German colleagues singing a Christmas song

Our German colleagues getting into the Christmas spirit!