Work experience

Working with Industrial Cadets we deliver highly structured, valuable and accredited work experience for students at every stage in their academic career 

Introduction to Industry (Bronze Award)

This programme provides students in Year 9 with a great understanding of how our organisation operates, how the different functions and teams work together to deliver a great product and service for our customers. This programme helps students understand the many careers available through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and the amazing contribution that can be made through technology, innovation and team working. 

Work experience (Silver Award)

Our two-week work experience is aimed at students working towards their GCSEs in Years 10 and 11. Students can work within one function or across a number of functions depending on their preferences and requirements. We aim to give students a good understanding of our working environment and ask them to deliver a mini-project over the time they are with us. 

Link Scheme (Gold Award)

Students in Year 12 and 13 can undertake a minimum four-week work experience programme. Students are given a project within a team or department and report back to a senior management team at the end of the project to demonstrate what they have delivered. Students will often work alongside our undergraduate placement students and graduates giving them a good support network.